Currently Obsessed: The Ultimate Kelly

Have you seen Hermes’ The Ultimate Kelly bag? This one takes the cake!
Designer Pierre Hardy has crafted what may be the ultimate luxe version of the iconic accessory! The bag is rendered in rose gold and diamond that functions as both a handbag and bracelet. The diamond handle doubles as a cuff, while a detachable shoulder strap “brings the objet back to bag territory on demand!”
“I wanted to distill all the value of the leather bag into something small and precious, like the essence of a perfume,” said Hardy. This gorgeous bag took over 1,200 hours to make, 1,600 diamonds and weighs in at 33.94 carats!
Photographed by Thomas Lagrange
Talk about show stopping! Should you want to be one of the few to purchase this coveted bag, you can do so by calling 800-441-4488. Then you better march strait over to our office and let us all see it!

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