Leap Year Birthday Celebration

I just finished a party for a lady who is truly one of my favorite clients.  She is wonderful in every way!  She is stylish and loves pretty things but she is also decisive and makes quick decisions which makes my job so much easier!

The calligraphy on the place cards was done in the mitty script by Nicole Black, otherwise known as The Left Handed Calligrapher.  She is wonderful!  She also wrote out a few facts about leap years that we put in a frame by the front door.

One clever guest brought her a hula hoop as a gift!  Perfect for a “13” year old!

Her birthday celebration was so special.  She was born on Feb 29th and only has a birthday every four years so we helped her pull together a 13th birthday celebration on this leap year!  She requested a leaping animal so we commissioned the amazing Bernard Maisner to create a beautiful frog for her.  Bernard put the frog on place cards and on guest cards that each guest filled out and placed in a beautiful mercury glass dish.  The tops of the cards had “My wish for Paula’s next big leap is…” and the guests filled out the rest!  Bernard printed the cards in grey and we had purple pens for the guests to write in. 

We took simple white hemstitch napkins to the monogram shop and had both the number 13 and the birthday girl’s monogram, designed by Rhonda Warren of Color Box Designs, embroidered on them in a light silvery grey.  They were so pretty and she can use them for years to come….well, maybe not the 13!

The dinner was held at Lucia, an intimate restaurant that is very special to the birthday girl and her charming husband.  The tables and chairs are all a bit different and they space is tight so we had to be a bit careful not to overwhelm with flowers!  We chose various shades of purples as the birthday girl’s birthday stone is amethyst.  Debby Jewesson of Branching Out did an amazing job of adding just the perfect touch of sparkle with mercury glass containers and votive holders.

Gorgeous red velvet cakes were brought in from RUSH Patisserie.  Debby provided the flowers and RUSH added them to the top the delicious cakes!  The birthday girl had 13 candles in hers!

The wonderful photographer, Jason Wynn, snapped photos of each of the guests with the birthday girl as they arrived and then ran out and had them printed while the guests were eating.  By the time they were ready to leave, Jason and I had them framed and ready for them to take home.  The frames were engraved with Leap Year 2012 on the bottom right.

All photos by Jason Wynn.

Special thanks to Mary Wright-Shah!

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  1. Jason Wynn on February 29, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    A wonderful event with beautiful people, well appointed tablescapes, and great food. The images we captured for this event are just wonderful! Thanks Paula and Kim.

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