You Shoot the wedding video and let YooShoot do the Edit!

I am so excited about the newest wedding video option available.  Here is the concept:  You and your guests shoot the video and let YooShoot do the editing!

Order the YooShoot video program and two days before your wedding, a package with cameras and all of the supplies you need will arrive to you so that you can start to shoot the wedding prep and the pre-wedding festivities.  You can get up-close and personal and capture behind the scenes footage that only you and your wedding party could capture!  Simply send the package back and a few weeks later you will have a wonderful edited wedding video unlike any other.

Even better, the YooShoot website is full of tips, techniques and how-tos for shooting a great video!  You can also check out samples of their work.

The company will launch this weekend and the Dallas Bridal Show and you can meet and greet the team there.  Print this coupon to save $2 on admission!

Here is what you get:

YooShoot “Wedding Kit” includes:
  • 2 Canon HD (XA10) video cameras w/external shotgun mics
  • 2 x 64Gb – HiSpeed SD memory cards per camera
  • 2 Additional long life batteries & chargers
  • 1 Tripod w/fluid head
  • Complimentary YooShoot T-Shirts for the Bride & Groom
  • Delivery (2 days prior to wedding) & Pick up 
  • 3-4 Day Rental of camera kit
  • Access to extensive library of tips, techniques, how-to videos and examples
 YooShoot “Wedding Plus Kit” 
       Includes additional equipment plus everything in “Wedding Kit”
  • 2 Additional Canon HD (XA10) video cameras w/ mics
  • 2 – 64Gb – HiSpeed SD memory cards per camera
  • 2 Additional Batteries & chargers
YooShoot “Videogram Kit” 
     Stationary set-up for video diary messages
  • 1 Additional Canon HD (XA10) camera w/ external shotgun mic
  • 1 x 64Gb – HiSpeed SD memory card
  • 1 Additional longlife battery
  • 1 Tripod w/fluid head

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