5 Reasons to use your good dishes:

-They can bring a little smile everyday!  Add little luxuries into your every day life and treat yourself!  Find joy in the simple things like setting a beautiful table, whether it is for two or twenty!

-Although I am a big advocate of using the good things everyday, there is no better time to start the habit than the holidays.  Check out my Thanksgiving Tablescape on The Today Show and see how I incorporated Blue and China into a Harvest Table.  Using your best china, crystal and silver will make your guests feel even more special.

-These beautiful things were meant to be used.  Don’t you think the designers and artists behind the hand-painted china would be sad if they knew it wasn’t really being used?

-Coffee tastes better out of a beautiful porcelain cup than an old souvenir mug.

-The number one reason people give me for not using their fine china is that they fear it will chip or break.  I have squashed that excuse by telling them about Replacements, Ltd.  They have a warehouse the size of seven football fields that houses replacements pieces for over 350,000 patterns!  So, you don’t need to worry!  If something breaks, Replacements, Ltd. can send find you a new one!

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