A Father’s Day Tablescape

What are you doing to celebrate Father’s Day?  
Here is a tablescape that I set and is included in my book, Tablescapes: Setting the Table with Style.
Our table was set up in the library next to a window with a fun view.  I used a folding table and rental chairs to make the extra dining area.  The room was perfect because it had a masculine feel anyway!  I purchased the  fabric for the table cloth from an inexpensive shop that sells fabric for men’s clothing.  It is a hounds tooth that would have been great for a suit!

The napkins were made from men’s shirt fabric and we folded them to resemble a shirt pocket.
The overlay was made from a garbage bag full of ties that I picked up at the local Salvation Army for a few dollars.  We sewed them together to make an overlay that would really honor dad!  We wrapped gifts in the stock pages of the Wall Street Journal and curled strips of the paper to make a “bow.”

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  1. Oksana on June 17, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    What a great idea to sew ties together to make an overlay. Brilliant! Beautiful table.

    Oksana from http://www.ordermatters.com/blog

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