Your little Picasso

I have such a hard time getting rid of any of my child’s artwork. To me, every single work of his art is a masterpiece!  They tend to pile up on the table or overlap on the fridge in our house!  I think I have now found two solutions that might allow you to give each and every masterpiece it’s proper respect!

Cuco Books are the perfect solution when you are trying to make space.  Lyssa Orchid takes your selected art works, has them professionally photographed and sends the images back to you in a beautifully bound book.  It is the perfect way to preserve and celebrate the art with out taking up any wall space!

The Great Remember offers another artistic solution.  You can send them the artwork, outgrown clothing,  or photographs and they will create an applique or mosaic suitable for framing!  Of course, if you are crafty, you could try your hand it and make it a family summer project!

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