Steps: False Eyelashes!

After a minor disaster in the radio studio last week, I decided it was time to spell out the steps to applying false lashes.  I hate to admit it but it was my wacky male radio pals who didn’t apply the lashes right!  They were inspired the Patrick Dempsey – False Eyelash news story and thought that they might look McDreamy if they wore them too!  Let’s just say that it was more like a McNightmare!

There are a few steps that can make applying false eyelashes an art you can master!  I love the look for special occasions but it took me a while to figure out how to apply them like a pro.  Here are the steps that can take your lashes from lovely to lavish:

Step 1:

Complete your eyeshadow application

Step 2:

Determine if the lashes you selected will fit your eye by lining them up with the outer corner of your eye with out any glue.  You can bend them or fiddle with them to mold them to the shape of your eye.

Step 3:

Trim them if they are too long.  Always trim off the thicker outside section and not the inside section.

Step 4:

Apply a thin layer of black liquid eye-liner.

Step 5:

Apply mascara to your natural lashes.

Step 6:

Apply a thin layer of glue to the stem of a q-tip (not the cotton part) or the dull end of your tweezers and then spread a thin and even layer to the edge of the false lashes.  I like to use the black glue.

Step 7: 

Sing the ABCs!  Seriously!  Wait for the length of the ABC song so that the glue gets a little bit tacky before you apply it to your eye.

Step 8:

Apply the lashes by lining them up with the outer corner of the eye and placing them along the lash line. You can fiddle with them and push them down using the back of your tweezers (never the sharp side!) or another firm object.

Step 9:

After it dries, go over the band of the lashes with another layer of black liquid eyeliner.  This will ensure that the false lashes are not showing!

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