Derby Style Entertaining

Louisville Stoneware’s Homestretch Bowl

I just got back from a quick trip to Louisville to chat with NBC’s Matt McCutcheon about Equestrian Style.  It was my first television segment as Editor at Large for Southern Living and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to share the magazine’s favorite finds live from Churchill Downs!
I am back home in Dallas now and wanted to re-create some of the excitement here!  Why not host a Derby Party?  Here are a few ideas to bring the spirit of Louisville to your home:

-I guess it goes with out saying that a hat should be required!  Nothing can put you in more of a Derby mood than a wide brim flower topped hat!  Click here for my tips on picking out the perfect hat.

-Celebrate the Race for the Roses by decorating with red roses of course!  Red roses are typically considered the flower of romance but this the perfect opportunity to purchase some for yourself and decorate your buffet!

-Cover your buffet table in traditional Southern cuisine.  In particular, you can celebrate with some traditional recipes that include Bourbon!  Click here for recipe suggestions from Southern Living!

-You must serve the official drink of the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century at your party.  The MintJulep is a refreshing drink make from whisky, mint, sugar, water and mint and it is served in a silver cup.  The official recipe is here!  Each year over 120,000 are served in the two days that make up the Derby!

-I love the history, style and practicality of Louisville Stoneware. A Derby Party must have: The Homestretch Bowl.  It is so decorative on the outside and the inside but it is versatile too!  You could fill it with red roses and place it in the center of your buffet or you could put it in the freezer for one hour before your party starts and then use it to chill your wine, no ice required!

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