Sushi Etiquette

My recent radio segment about the etiquette for eating spaghetti got a big response!  While I was at a restaurant recently, a lady came up and asked me to clarify some sushi etiquette too.  Here are a few of my sushi tips…

-Never ever ever ask the server if the sushi or fish is fresh.  You should not eat at any establishment that you think would serve something that was not fresh!  They consider it a big insult if you ask.

-Don’t rub your wooden chopsticks together.  I think we all think that they night need a little “sanding” or smoothing out but they should be fine.  When you are not using them, place them on the holder.

-You can eat Sushi with your hands but always use chopsticks for Sashimi.

-Sushi is meant to be eaten in one bite.  This can be really hard because sometimes they are so big!  Do your best!

-Ginger is often served with sushi but it is not meant to be eaten with the sushi.  It is there to cleanse your palette between trying different types of food.

-If you are not given a spoon for your soup at a Japanese restaurant, you are meant to drink the soup from the bowl.  Fun!

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  1. Tiffany from HOLIDAY on March 7, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    When I worked for kate spade in New York, I handled our Asian distributors and they taught me that when picking up a piece of sushi from a communal plate in the middle of the table, always flip your chopsticks over so that you're picking it up with the ends that don't go in your mouth. Place it on your plate, then flip the chopsticks back over to put in your mouth. Loved this tip!

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