Dark Eyes without the Dark Under Eye!

I love love love playing with makeup.  As the mom of a toddler, taking a few extra minutes to sit and do my makeup is sometimes the extent of the pampering I get to do in a day!
I am also a huge fan of dark eye shadows and smokey eyes.  I am not a fan of getting all of that shadow underneath my eye though!  It doesn’t wipe away easily!

Here is a new trick I just learned for walking away from your vanity looking like you are walking away from a professional make up artists chair:

Pat or swipe a heavy layer of translucent loose face powder under your eyes after you have applied your under-eye concealer but before you start applying your makeup.  Once you are done, you simply wipe it away using a brush or q-tip.  Voila!  No raccoon eyes for you!

Remember, when you are doing a smokey eye with dark shadows, you shouldn’t skip on the eyeliner!

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