Romantic Dinner at the last minute

If you don’t have a reservation for a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant tonight, don’t fret.  I have tips to help you plan the perfect party for two at home!  Click here to watch my segment on Good Morning Texas or read below for all of my tips.

-Set up a table for two in a spot where you don’t typically dine.  A small card table or occasional table will work. Simply place it in front of a fireplace, next to a window with a pretty view or in an intimate corner of  a living room.  Pull up two chairs and, Voila, you are transported to a romantic spot perfect for your date.

-Throw a tablecloth over the card table.  If you don’t have a fancy cloth, don’t worry.  Use anything you can find!  I have used a bed sheet, extra fabric scraps, and shower curtains before.  Get creative and play around with various fabrics.  Select a romantic color scheme such as pink or red but add in a rich deep color like chocolate brown for warmth.

-Add light elements to the top of the table.  If you can’t get your hands on a dozen roses, grab two and place them in small containers or drinking glasses.  Put one at each place-setting.

-Pull the X and O squares out of your Scrabble box and spread the hugs and kisses around the table.

-Candlelight is key!  Gather up as many candles as you can find and collect them on a tray to put in the center of the table.

-If you are not up for cooking, order some take-out!  Try to think of a place that you don’t typically order from and maybe consider something a little spicy like Indian Food or Chinese Food.  It doesn’t matter what you serve but be sure to serve it in style.  Pull out your best china and set the table with your best glasses too.

-Little touches make all the difference!  Add a few red hots to your champagne or sprinkle them around the table.

-Spring for a special dessert that will be sure to delight all of your family.  I love the Sprinkles XOX box!  It is topped with XOX and heart shaped sugar decorations and comes in fantastic flavors.

-Get clever with your kids and pets.  Either put them to bed before you start or find an activity that will keep them pre-occupied. Treat them to a movie night at home or pick up a new board game for them.  If you don’t think that will work in your house, hire them to serve your dinner for you!

-Still searching for the perfect gift?  Don’t fret.  Check out and pick out a theme for your e-novel.  They will email you the novel and you can email it to your Valentine.  They personalize the story with your names and some of your favorite things!  So cool!

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