Present your Valentine with one or more of the following gifts to add romance to your day:

Top any gift with a love note on these fantastic gift cards by And George on Taigan.

-A love letter and a box of chocolates…classic but perfect!  Although there is no relation, my husband always presents me with a box of Whitman’s Chocolates!

-Set up a couples cooking class!  My husband once set up a private class for my sisters, my mother, and I. He invited us to each invite a friend and presented us with the class as a Christmas gift.  We all loved it!  For Valentines day, you could go to a cooking class together!  Check out the Viking Cooking Classes at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center.

-A massage or couples massage is a great Valentine treat.  I recently had a fantastic massage at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas.  Check out their spa treatment menu and make your appointment today!

-Tickets to a play, musical, ballet or concert.  Our Dallas Symphony is presenting “Love Themes” from February 10th through 13th.

-You simply can not go wrong with jewelry from your loved one’s favorite store.  These heart shaped hoops are prefect Valentine treasures.  They are hand-forged from Sterling Silver and cost $20.

Skip out on the Gift Certificates and Appliances!

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