Dry Beauty

This time of year and all of these weather changes can be really rough on our skin.  Parts of my body are dry and cracky and others are oily!  I recently had a spa treatment and was “dry brushed” before it started. I was so curious about the strange scratchy brush that was being used all over my body and I, as always, I needed to know why they were using it.  When I got the answer, I was sold!  Basically, they use the dry brush to improve circulation and get rid of your body’s toxins.  I don’t really know how it does those things but the great part was that it was also a light exfoliation and it felt great!  There is a proper technique for dry brushing that basically suggests that you always brush towards the direction of your heart in light circular motions.
The great part of it is that you can do it to yourself at home!  Look for a brush the next time you are in a drug store or health food store.  I got mine at Whole Foods.  Every morning, before you get in the shower, take a minute to use your dry brush!  It is like having a spa treatment at home! 

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