Autograph Etiquette

The Superbowl is coming to town and Dallas/Fort Worth is going feel a bit like Hollywood this week!  Celebrities from all over the world will be descending upon our metroplex and you might just have a chance to meet an Athlete, Actor, or Entertainer!  What would you do?

Here are few tips for an encounter with a celebrity that won’t leave you reeling with embarrassment!

-Make a casual approach.  Don’t freak-out, scream and then run towards them!

-Keep your nerve, remember they are human and make eye contact but don’t stare.  Be confident but don’t stare them down.

-If they make eye contact with you, say hello!  If not, leave it be.

-To spark conversation, give them a compliment.  Who doesn’t like praise?

-If you want to ask for an autograph, ask politely but not aggressively.  Ask them to personalize the autograph to you and only ask them to sign one item.

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