Superbowl Party Planning Time!

Can you believe how the Superbowl is sneaking up on us!  I can’t believe it is that time of year again!

Get on your game now and send out some invitations for your very own Superbowl party.  Paperless Post and CoCoDot have wonderful options for a Football themed event.

Make a centerpiece out of cheerleader pom poms.  Be sure to squish them up so that they have volume and then use the handles so secure them at the base.  Simply arrange a few of them down the center of your table as you would flowers.

Serve finger food and little munchies.  Don’t try to get fancy on this fun-filled day.  It is best to stick to foods that don’t require utensils so that people can grab a plate and take a seat to cheer on their favorite team.

Bake cupcakes and split them into two teams….frost them in opposing team colors and top them with a plastic toy whistle.

Put the decor emphasis your coffee table.  Purchase Wheat Germ grass from your local florist and have some fun with it!  You could add flowers to it in your teams colors or serve the cupcakes from there.  You could also place a simple football in the center for a simple modern look.

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