I love you!

I just love the I Love You Cards sold on www.ILoveYouCards.org. They are there to bring a smile to someone’s face and spread a little love.  What a simple and sweet way to make someone’s day!
Doing something nice for other’s is a great way to bring a little bit of sunshine into our own lives and these cards are such a simple way to do it.  For $5 you get a pack of 20 and you can place them wherever you like, in a book that someone is reading, tucked inside a lunch box, or left on a table at a coffee shop.  I am ordering mine today!  
Now, if you find one, you can pass it forward two ways!  Snap a photo or write in to www.ILoveYouCards.org and tell the world about where you were and how you felt when you found it. Then leave it around for someone else!
Help spread the love!

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