Flower Etiquette

Sending flowers is such a wonderful gesture.  Here are a few tips to insure that you make the right impression when you are trying to make the best impression!

-Fragrant flowers are usually best in a powder room, entrance hall or living space.   They are not good for a kitchen or dining area as the fragrance can compete with the taste and smell of the food.  I love using hydrangea on the table but Calla Lilies, peonies, and most roses are fine too.

-Never send a bouquet of 13 flowers to someone.  It is considered unlucky!

-Red and Pink Roses should be reserved for a romantic gift.  Don’t send them to a professional or friendly contact.

-Carnations, Lilies and Gladioli are often associated with funerals or Sympathy flowers.

-An Orchid can be given for almost any occasion and they last a long time!

-Daisies, Yellow or White Roses, or a mixed bouquet are ideal choices for friends or family.

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