Bagadocious’ Tips for Taking Care of Your Bags!

Leslie Fuller of Bagadocious makes the cutest dust covers for handbags.  You can place your custom order by sending her a photograph of your handbag and she prints it right on to your bag!  That way, you can protect your bag but know what is inside at the same time!

Here are her tips for caring for your bags:

-Empty out the purse and check it for little things that can get left behind.  Be sure to get out every little piece of trash, candy, and quarter that might get left behind.

-Vacum the inside of the bag and, if possible, every seam and pocket.

-Clean the lining with warm soapy water and a white cloth.  If you are not sure about the material being cleaned, test a small patch on the bottom of the bag.

-Never rub…just Blot Blot Blot.

-Dry the outside of the bag with a hair dryer.  If you don’t dry the bag completely, it can mildew and be ruined.

-Add a fragrance sachet.

-Stuff your purse with a plastic bag.  Be sure it is almost overstuffed to help keeps it’s shape.

-Criss cross the hands or straps across the bag so that they don’t crease.  Don’t completely close the bag so that you can keep air flow.

-Use an envelope or drawstring storage bag and always store your bags off the floor.

To order your own bag,  watch Leslie’s video on You Tube for a 20% discount and ordering instructions.

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