Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette

Nothing makes me happier than finding an email with a challenging question! I love love love when you send me question’s about your situations and dilemas.  Here are some of the questions that I got last week.  I hope they help!

Sarah from Dallas wrote:  I am already finished with my gift shopping. When can I start giving out my holiday gifts?

Any day after the first of December you can go ahead and give out your gifts.  Take advantage of opportunities to give the gift to your friend in person!  That makes it even more special.  If you are shipping or delivering a gift, send it early!

Jessie wrote:  What are some common gift giving mistakes that I should avoid?

Always give from the heart.  I think that giving from the heart instead of trying to show off with a gift that is expensive will help you avoid any mistake.  Show thoughtfulness and give a gift that is appropriate.

Lots of people have asked me if it is OK to give a gift card?

Yes!  I love giving gift cards to the people on my list that I struggle with finding the perfect thing for.  Just be sure to wrap it in a nice package and present it as you would any special gift.  Presentation is everything with a gift card.

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