An Exotic Christmas

My friends at Chateaux Mistletoe are at it again!  This year, they have four fun new tips for us to enjoy:
BRANCH OUT – Think beyond using the standard evergreen (pine, spruce, cypress) when decorating.  Magnolia, Boxwood, Bay and Eucalyptus leaves are all beautiful and lend a “southern warmth” to its typical counterparts.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match between all your favorite branches and leaves!
LITTLE COMFORTS – Charm your overnight guests with touches of holiday cheer!  Hang a lovely wreath above the bed or even on the headboard (be sure to avoid fresh greenery in the bedroom in case of allergies).   Leave a handwritten note on their pillow along with a freshly baked holiday treat and tie it off with a sprig of greenery.  I recently stocked my guest room with an electric tea kettle and assorted teas and hot cocoa neatly arranged on a drink tray.  These little touches will make your home feel warm and inviting and let your guests know you are happy to have them!
EXOTIC CHRISTMAS – Be globally minded and incorporate foreign customs when decorating… you can even make this a fun family project, by researching holiday customs of other cultures with your children.  If you’ve always dreamed of a family trip to Tokyo, then try baking a traditional japanese christmas cake, decorate a bonsai tree with origami ornaments or hang a starry sky of paper lanterns in lieu of traditional outdoor lights!

DRAMATIC REPETITION – Repetition creates instant drama!  Hang magnolia wreaths with bright red ribbon from every window on the front of your house.  Line the pathway to your door with glowing candlelit hurricanes.  Hang a cluster of bells from chocolate satin ribbon over the backs of your dining room chairs.  Create a dramatic gallery wall by topping each frame with identical sprays of greenery or ribbon.  The key here is simplicity, so find something you really love and then run with it!  

Thank you, Gretchen!  Your ideas are fantastic! 

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