Ugly Ornament Contest

This is serious. I know you have one (or maybe two or three).  You know those ornaments you see when you are out shopping or flipping through a holiday catalogue and you think to yourself “Really? ”  I certainly have a collection of them because I have a little thing with my dear friend every year when we try to find the most random ornaments we can find and give them to each other.  So far, she has given me a reindeer who is also a fairy (I know…) and an ornament of an RV.  I have something special in store for her this year because I found a six by six inch ornament of a beetle that is painted to look like a lady bug.  Yes…someone actually thought it would be a good idea to manufacture that in bulk!
I got so excited to show off my ugly ornaments that I jumped at the chance to play along with the Moggit girls who have declared December 1st Ugly Ornament Day!  To show off  yours or just view others, sign up to follow the Moggit girls on Twitter and get ready to laugh!

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