Turkey Time for the Tots!

My crafty and talented friend Heather Centurioni just invited my son, JR, and I over for a play date that promises to knock the task of finding a meaningful gift for my Thanksgiving Hosts off of my list.  I absolutely love her party concept so just had to share it with you!  Heather is inviting a group of friends over to make Turkey Aprons with our little ones!  Here are her steps and suggestions:
1. Invite your friends for a playdate and ask each to bring an apron or two.  She suggests shopping for light colored aprons in both adult and child sizes at craft stores.  In other words, the party is BYOA!
2. Ask each person to sign up to bring a color of fabric craft paint.  Heather is going to provide the brown paint for the “turkey” but the feather colors will be brought by each of the guests.  Her guests will bring red, yellow, orange or any other colors that they feel should be added to the turkey!
3.  Heather has a “craft room” at her home so her party will take place there but you might want to clear a spot in your kitchen or rec-room to host your friends. Heather is also going to provide the “puffy paints” needed to accent the apron.
4. Here are the steps to make the apron:
-Lay out the aprons
-paint the palm and thumb of your tot with brown paint using a sponge or paint brush (this will be the body, head and neck of the turkey).
– paint each finger a different color (these will be the feathers!)
-press your childs hand down on the apron so that it “stamps” the apron.
-using puff paint, draw stick legs, beak, and wattle on the turkey.
-glue a “googly eye” onto the turkey.
-using puff paint, write the name of the “artist” and the date and any other you might want to include such as the recipient of your wonderful gift!

While the aprons are drying, you can have a cookie decorating party too!  Check out these amazing cookies that Heather shared with me.  She came up with the idea because she had so many candy corns left over from Halloween! For more of Heather’s ideas and inspirations, check out her blog.

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