Time to Trim Your Tree

So many of my friends continue their family tradition of dining on left-overs and trimming their tree the day after Thanksgiving.  I love decorating our tree!  Here are some tips to make Tree-trimming a bit easier:

 – Start by putting on the lights.  It should always be step one!  After the lights are up (and working!) you can add garlands and then the ornaments.

 Tip: Keep your empty wrapping paper rolls this year and use them to store your Christmas Lights.  Simply cut a notch into the end of the cardboard roll and stick the end of the lights there with the plug tucked inside of the roll.  Then wind the lights around the roll and tuck the end into the other side of the roll!  It makes for easy storage and easy unwrapping next year!

-It is always easiest to work from the inside out with your lights.  Wrap the inside of the tree first and then move to the outer branches of the tree.

-Separate your ornaments in to special show-stoppers and basic fillers.  Start by hanging your basic fillers on the “inside” of the tree to add depth and dimension to your decor.  Finish the tree by hanging your special ornaments on the tips of the branches.  Consider tying them on to the branches using a pretty ribbon to set them apart.

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  1. Lili on November 23, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    i love the wrapping paper rolls tip! thanks!

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