Beautiful Bridesmaids

Picking the perfect bridesmaid dress is not an easy task.  There are not a lot of styles that suit everyone and chances are, not all of your bridesmaids have the same body type or coloring.  Here are few tips to help you make the right selection:
-Start with the color.  Pick a color that will complement the season and time of day of your wedding.  If you are getting married in the morning or afternoon, a lighter color is appropriate.  If you are getting married after dark, a darker and more dramatic shade will look great!  
Here are some seasonal favorites:
Winter – Silvers, blues, holiday reds and greens.
Spring – light pastels
Summer – vibrant hues like bold oranges and lemon yellows
Fall – browns and rusts, red and black
-Select style and length. The big trend now is to dress your bridesmaids in cute short dresses.  I love that look for an informal wedding but I also love a long gown for a black tie wedding.  Ask yourself what the style of your wedding gown will be and make sure the same word could describe your bridesmaid dress selection.  Is it traditional, formal, informal, edgy, trendy, classic, preppy, sexy, beachy, or fun.
-Uniformity is key. Uniformity is important but that doesn’t mean that all of your bridesmaids need to be in the same dress.  You could do the same color and let each bridesmaid select her own style.  You could also do the same style in a variety of different shades.  You should also ask yourself if you want them all in the same shoes, same jewels, and same accessories.  
-Organize the purchase. Send each of your bridesmaids a letter telling them how excited you are. Include as many details about the wedding as possible.  Send them hotel information, schedule details and a sentence or two about each one to introduce them to each other.  You should also include a list of everyone’s names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers so that they can connect before the big day.  Also send them a sheet with the details of the dress and the information for ordering it.  Remember to include some specific deadlines for them so that they remember to get it done!
-Don’t worry about them wearing it again! They never will.  That is why I love  It is so clever!  Two sisters got together and started it so that bridesmaids could sell their like-new gowns to other gals who would not remember it as a bridesmaid dress!  

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