Photo Perfect!

Taking a family photo worthy of a Christmas card is a difficult task so I turned to Kady Dunlap, a professional photographer who has certainly captured her fair share of precious kids, for some tips!

She gave me some great recommendations:
1. Orient your session around your children’s happiest time of day! Pick a time when they are most alert therefore more willing to co-operate.
2. Be sure that your clothing selections are both simple (no crazy patterns or busy prints) and comfortable for you child to wear. Itchy or scratchy clothing will cause them to squirm.
3. Be sure your photo style is a match for your everyday lifestyle. Enlist a professional who works in your style casual and comfortable or posed and formal.
4. Location is everything. Select a location that is familiar to your children. At home, the park, your favorite location will make your kids feel more at ease.
5. Attitude is everything! Always be relaxed and flexible around kids even if they are rambunctious or not co-operating. When you have a professional photographer, be willing to leave the scene if necessary! Often the kids will behave better if the parents are not around.

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