Holiday Party Etiquette

Chances are you mail box will be filling up with invitations to holiday festivities and office parties soon! Here are a few of the things I learned from Etiquette and Protocol Expert Colleen Rickenbacher at our Feather Your Nest Luncheon last week!

-Always reply to an invitation with in three days of receiving it!

-Arriving fashionably late has gone out of fashion!  Never arrive right on time but try to enter a party about five to fifteen minutes after the starting time.

-Obey the 45 minute rule for cocktail parties.  Be sure that you appear for at least 45 minutes at a two hour party.  It is perfectly fine to “party hop” but make sure you spend enough time at each event.

-It is a known fact that most guests at a party first hit the bar, then the buffet, then their own friends.  Make a rule that you will always greet your host before you go anywhere else.

-Always carry your glass in your left hand so that you can shake hands with the new people you meet!

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