Can your dog sing like Katy Perry?

If you had the Woofer it could!  This hilarious contraption was created by Matthew Baron of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so that your dog could add more joy to your life than it already does. The Woofer is a dog coat with speakers that lets you play your favorite songs from your Ipod or other MPS player.  Each one is hand made to order and the website even includes a sizing chart.  You can share your music with friends during your next party, jog or doggie play date in the dog park.  It would also be an easy solution to Christmas Carols!
I met Matthew at the Texas Pet Expo last weekend and he told me that most fun feature of the Woofer is the wireless microphone hook-up you can request.  You could send your dog around and hide in the bushes and talk to people through the speakers!
Check out to order or call 323-314-2305.

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  1. Baron on November 18, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Since Katy Perry was the number one Halloween costume for kids, maybe I should make a Katy Perry themed costume Woofer for dogs to go along with the kids. I hope that Katy appreciates this.

    2010. Christmas music on dogs.

    Matthew Baron

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