Soccer Season, Simple Snacks

Soccer season is approaching which means it’s time to begin preparing for soccer snack duty. Half of the excitement for our children on the field is the re- energizing treat that breaks up the tiresome game or the special snack that gets packed up in the car with them when the event is all over. Why don’t we really excite the kids this soccer season by making homemade (or semi- homemade) treats! All it really takes is fifteen extra minutes to prepare something that will make their tummies rumble and their eyes light up! Here are a few ideas that are quick and easy for mom but still special for our little athletes.

Soccer Cupcakes

If you don’t already have the tools required to make this fun cupcake that I found on, then it might take a bit more ambition than the cute snacks suggested below. Cupcakes, however, are never an overly difficult dessert to make so if you have the time then you might want to give these a try!

Soccer Ball Cookies All this adorable snack, from Dipity, requires is store bought cookies (any flavor) and some white and black icing to add the soccer snack touch! If you have the time, you can add each player’s name or their uniform number to the cookie; otherwise the soccer ball cookie stands alone nicely without personalization.

Soccer Oreos When I saw these on CoutureParties’ Twitter, I thought they were the perfect combination of unique and simple. This idea is so cute and with the help of your little soccer player, the process can be completed in just minutes! All you need is one package of Oreos, little sugary soccer balls, and a bag of white chocolate buttons.

Sweet Treat Halloween BagsSince I have Halloween on my mind I think it would only be appropriate throw in a pumpkin or candy theme! You can purchase little cellophane bags with Halloween patterns on them and fill the bags with candy. The kids will be thrilled and their parents will think the Halloween twist is adorable, or at the very least, creative!

  • After sustained activity, children are at their hungriest so I understand how parents might find post- soccer game to be a good opportunity for introducing veggies and other healthy foods into their children’s diet. If that sounds like you then maybe you’d like to replace the candy with a snack like Goldfish, pretzles, or maybe even some pumpkin seeds. The Halloween bags will be just as fun!

For all of you non-DIYers out there, no need to let your nerves run rampant. There are plenty of cute options that will leave you in a positive light, radiating creativity! This adorable (and yummy) Halloween ghost cookie is only $5 from eatZi’s. Just one stop at the bakery will have your soccer snack set in no time!

With these crowd pleasing snacks your kids are sure to stay happy and energized!

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  1. Tiffany from HOLIDAY on October 12, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Love the little ghost. And the soccer ball/oreo is a cute idea.

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