Renting a Tux? Here is a road map….

Are you going to need a rent a tux this fall?  Here is a road map to help you navigate the rental road!

1. Be sure to plan ahead.  You should head in to a rental shop anywhere from four to eight weeks ahead to have your measurements taken.

2. Having the right fit means your tux will be more flattering!

3. If you are making plans to dress a wedding party, be sure to pick a store that has multiple locations across the county.  It will be easier to find the inventory for your crew but it will also be easier for your out of town buddies to get their measurements taken.  If they don’t have a location in your pal’s hometown, ask the shop for a list of necessary measurements.  Your groomsman can take that to a local tailor and have them fill it in.

4. Budget between $100 and $200.  This should include everything you will need from head to toe including socks and shoes!

5. For the most formal look, ask about a white tie option with tails!  For a day time wedding, ask about a formal morning suit.

6. Don’t forget to return it!

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