Pick the Perfect Pumpkin!

Picking the perfect pumpkin is actually easier than it sounds! A trip to the Pumpkin Patch is a fun filled rite of passage for the Fall Season but how do you know which pumpkin to purchase? Here are few simple tips to help:

  • Select a pumpkin that is completely orange. A partially green pumpkin might not ripen any further.
  • A ripe pumpkin has a hard shell taht does not dent or scratch easily when pressing on it with a thumbnail. Do this on the bottom of the fruit.
  • Examine the entire pumpkin carefully for soft spots. If you find even one soft spot, go on the the next pumpkin.
  • Size is an important factor in pumpkin picking. Medium pumpkins are best for carving a jack-o-lantern. Small pumpkins are best for cooking.
  • Selecting the shape is a matter of personal preference. Some like tall and others like round! Often, people select shapes to fit the carving patterns they will use. As you make your selection, try to picture your carving on the pumpkin and use it’s shape for inspiration.
  • Check the pumpkin for cracks or splits.

Shopping for a pumpkin can be scary! Here are few tips to take the edge off:
  • Bring a small wagon with you. It is a much easier way to haul both pumpkins and tired kids!
  • Wear boots or old sneakers. It can often be wet and muddy at the pumpkin patch.
  • Have fun with it!

Visit www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org to find a pumpkin patch in your area!
Michael’s Great Pumpkin Event is taking place from 10 to 1 on the 10th of October. Visit a Michael’s store in your area and you will get everything you need to decorate your pumpkin for only $5! Visit www.Michaels.com for details.

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