Partners Card: A time to support, shop, and celebrate

Partners Card is an opportunity to feel great about treating yourself while giving back to the community. It allows us to support one wonderful foundation while being thanked by the 750 stores and restaurants that grant us a 20% discount, from October 29th all the way through November 7th. The Partners Card event is a 10 day span, during which, you can purchase a card for just $60, and then 100% of the collected earnings from the cards purchased go to The Family Place. The Family Place is the largest anti- violence service provider in the Dallas area. They provide emergency shelter, crisis counseling, and perform interventions in order to improve and save the lives of children, women, and men.

I was curious to learn more about how The Family Place distributed and transformed the money earned into a beneficial experience for the thousands who sought a life without violence. I wanted to know more and dig a little deeper so I called my friend Nancy. Nancy contributes to blog and I thought she might be able to tell me a bit about the services that The Family Place provides. I was so excited when she got back to me with more than just a bit of information. She responded with more answers than questions asked! Then she also connected me with Melissa, the Development Director at The Family Place.

I couldn’t wait to share with all of you, the information, which these two amazing ladies compiled for me. So for those of your who have participated in Partners card for the past 17 years, here is what you have been supporting and for those of you who have not yet taken part in the amazing opportunity, here are some reasons to join in:

-One Partners Card purchased for $60 pays for one night of shelter at The Family Place.

-The shelter has services and housing for both the 30 day program and the transitional program

-When clients first come to TFP, they go through the 30 day program of counseling. Some have a place to stay. For those that don’t, they can stay at the shelter.

-Clients can apply for the transitional program which is 18-24months. TFP can help them learn job skills through a community college. There is also housing at the shelter as well as throughout Dallas. They will also continue to get counseling as well as learn life skills such as budgeting, dressing for success.

-There is both a child care and elementary school through 2nd grade (soon to be 3rd) on campus.

-Other services TFP provides: Counseling for children and adults affected by family violence whether they remain at the shelter or not. Some people have places to stay.Counseling for batterers. A program for teens that teaches about dating violence, bullying.

With the increased pressure of the bad economy, there are more people than ever affected by family violence that had to be turned away b/c there wasn’t any room. So Partners Card and its success is more critical than ever!

Visit a participating retailer or The Family Place website to purchase your Partners Card before October 29th!

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