How to win a Halloween Costume Contest

I am typically not very competitive but I love the idea of winning a Halloween Costume Contest. My parents won when my son, their first grandchild, was born. He was born a few days before Halloween so they wore baseball caps that said “I am a grandma” and “I am a grandpa” and then developed photos of my son on 16 x 20 foam board and wore them around their necks! They were so cute and everyone was impressed with their creativity! Here are few tips so that you can take home the prize:

  • Before you begin planning your costume, find out how you are going to be judged and what the prize categories are. Also ask about the judges!
  • Costumes that make people laugh or that are based on current events are always a hit.
  • Do research on the web and find out what details could set your costume apart from the crowd.
  • Know your strengths. If you can sew, then put that skill to use. If you are good with tools, then add on bells and whistles!
  • Get into character. Have fun with your costume and act the part. Take on the voice, tone and personality of your costume. It isn’t just what you wear but how you wear it!

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