Halloween made easy with DIY decor

Sometimes it’s difficult to decorate the interior of your home for Halloween. Our friend at Simplified Bee always has the best advice for how to avoid the clutter and soften your Halloween decor with sophistication. The amazing part is that you can do it all yourself!

With this eye- catching ivy mantel arrangement your home will appear well- dressed for the holiday without giving you even the slightest urge to wince! How do you achieve this clean and almost elegant look? It is so easy!

  • Purchase three small/medium pumpkins. You can usually buy them in the lighter tint, as pictured above, or you can paint your orange pumpkins, white.
  • With marker, write the letters, “B” “O” and “O,” onto the light colored pumpkins.
  • Use black spray paint to color either artificial or real ivy, then arrange the pieces however you’d like them. Be sure not to go overboard though. The heaviness can cause the crowded look that we are trying to avoid.

If you are planning a casual Halloween gathering or even a dinner party around the holiday, then this mini tree with hanging gift bags will add so much charm to the evening! You can fill them with anything from candy to gift soaps.

To create the Halloween tree all you have to do is…

  • Place foam securely into a pot
  • Find sturdy fallen branches outside (or you can buy artificial branches) and stick them into the foam.
  • After the tree has been created, add aesthetic appeal by covering the foam with either decorative stones or crunched autumn leaves.
  • Hang the gift bags carefully and evenly amongst the tree.

Two things that are immediately associated with Halloween are candy and pumpkins, but it’s not very often that we can think of ways to mix the pair. Well, Martha Stewart has created candy jars with pumpkin lids! These adorable candy holders are not only functional but they are also decorative.

Tools and Materials
Good & Plenty
Miniature marshmallows
Twizzler licorice bites (Black)
Gummy teeth
Licorice wheels
Candy corn
Neapolitan licorice
Ball pins
Glass canisters
Small pumpkin

Halloween-Candy Face

1. Secure the candy to the pumpkin with ball pins that match the color of the treats so they aren’t too noticeable.
Tip: Chewy candy is easier to bend and snip.
2. Place pumpkin on glass canisters or reuse large glass jars for candy.

I hope these decorating ideas will inspire you this Halloween season!

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