Girls’ Night In

Recently, one of my girl friends decided that for her birthday she definitely wanted to celebrate, but she didn’t want anything too elaborate- to be quite honest, she really preferred not to go out at all. My first thought was, how are we going to celebrate without going out or throwing a dinner party? But then I thought about how we used to celebrate our birthdays before we got to the point in our lives when dinner parties were common and going out for drinks wasn’t an option, due to legal restrictions, of course. Then the idea sparked. We can have a girls’ night in! We’re never too old for a girls’ night and I don’t think we’ll ever forget the essentials for throwing a successful girls’ night in…or even a slumber party! If I think back to the last time I attended a planned night in, completely dedicated to relaxation and indulgence, with only girlfriends, the first things I remember are movies, chocolate, and comfy nightwear. So here are some suggestions for how you can throw a proper girls night or slumber party for you and your friends!
Shoe Check: Instead of a coat check have your guests check their shoes at the door for a more comfy pair of slippers or flips flops. When purchasing the footwear keep in mind your friends’ sizes, but don’t stress if the size isn’t perfect. Slippers aren’t restricting so you can even find slippers that come in sizes small, medium, or large. If you are really unsure about the sizing always get a larger size to be safe.

Chocolate!: Chocolate is a must at any night with girlfriends. Whether the night consists of you and just one friend, or in this instance, a whole party of girlfriends. Spoon Fudge is a delicious chocolate treat that I came across and let me tell you, it is almost dangerous! All it is, is a jar of smooth, decadent fudge that can be paired with fruit or baked in with snacks, but the best part of all is the spoon that comes along with it! Why is that the best part? Because it’s inviting you to eat the fudge right from the jar, guilt free! You can have one 5oz. jar for just $5.95 or if you plan on having a party, you’ll probably need two jars for only $10.95…oh, and the yummy fudge comes in 15 different flavors!

Drinks: The drink options have changed a bit. Our list has expanded beyond colas, juices, and hot chocolate. It might be nice to still include those beverages, but what I love for a girls’ night, and think would be perfect for a birthday occasion, is individual size champagne bottles. Champagne is always festive and these mini bottles are just so easy, and cute!

Sleeping arrangements: Invite your friends to spend the night. After a couple of champagne minis it might be a must! But if the girls do not feel like reverting back to their high school and college days (or should I say, nights) of sleeping on couches, then it is just as cute to suggest to have their husbands pick them up at the end of the evening. Sort of reminiscent of when our fathers were responsible for that task.

Movie list: Let’s just have on record, all of these may not be my favorite movies but they are great movies to watch with your girlfriends!

-Pretty Woman
-Bridget Jones’ Diary

-When Harry Met Sally

-My Best Friend’s Wedding

-The Holiday

-Sleepless in Seattle

-Terms of Endearment

-Breakfast at Tiffany’s

-or you could do a marathon of a season of one of your favorite shows! I spent a whole night watching season one of Glee with a girlfriend!

Goody bags: I can’t sleep with out an eye mask over my eyes! I travel with them and have a few in my bed side table! I was so pleased with the unique shape of a silk one I recieved as a gift one time. The shape was perfect because it didn’t leave little lines on my cheeks! I haven’t been able to find any more to purchase so I had some made instead! I used vintage silk scarves that I found at the flea market in Paris and new silk on the back. The fun color combinations and unique shape have been so popular that I started selling them! If you want one for yourself, you can email me at or stop into the Linen Boutique at 5500 West Lovers Lane in Dallas. ($65)

Now that you had a little sneak peak into my planned girls’ night in, maybe it’s time for you to throw one for you and your girlsfriends! It will be so fun and you deserve it!

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  1. Theresa on November 1, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Sophia is my favorite affordable champagne! I'm glad you mentioned it on the radio.

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