Centsational inspiration for ready set redesign!

I have seen few things as impressive as this! Yes, Martha Stewart is phenomenal and genius with home design, but I’ve discovered an individual who is truly centsational!

Spelled correctly, Centsational Girl, is a blog written by Kate, ex- attorney and a mother of three, turned DIY blogger. A recent Centsational Girl blog post that caught my attention was her entry that was completely dedicated to spray painting. One can of paint will transform your thrifty finds into one-of-a-kind pieces…as long as you follow Kate’s instruction, of course.Take a look at this tired looking chair on the left. Can you believe the gorgeous white chair on the right is the same piece? That is, after Kate got her crafty hands on it!

And this charming French- style nightstand…


[after]So aside from being temporarily stunned, mesmerized, and impressed by these images, I was also inspired by the tips and answers that Centsational Girl shared with her readers. Here you can find out more about spray painting projects and if you find one you like you may want to make a weekend out of it! For now, here are some of the tidbits that I found most helpful and fun!

When we imagine spray paint the first place we probably imagine it is on the outer brick walls of dilapidated buildings, but after reading Centsational Girl I was enlightened! Spray paint can be used on plenty of surfaces other than the one mentioned above. When Kate was questioned about the types of materials that can be transformed beautifully by spray paint, here is what she responded with:

  • Plastic, metal, fiberglass, mirror, glass, wood, wicker, masonry, plaster, concrete, canvas, ceramics, MDF, laminate and particle board.

Her tips on how to avoid messy drips were also helpful. Instead of using one thick coat of spray paint, it’s much more effective to take the time to paint two thin layers. The way I think about it is similar to the way nail polish works. One thick coat looks terrible and you can tell it was done unprofessionally but two thin layers look fresh like a brand new manicure!

If you’ve had experience spray painting but didn’t find much success then Centsational Girl has wonderful tips for how to bounce back and recover! For cracks, wrinkles, bumps, and bubbles, Centsational Girl suggests a coat of oil based primer.
For this and more creative ideas and inexpensive options visit Kate. She really is sensational!

*Now, if you are someone who has had experience with DIY decorating- not necessarily just with spray paint- then I have exciting news for you! Dwell with Dignity is having their first national fundraiser, Ready Aim ReDesign . A before and after furniture face lift contest that goes to a great cause and the winner reaps fantastic benefits! Visit their site to hear more about this wonderful opportunity.


  1. Amy on October 11, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I am not at all an experienced designer, but I do have a keen eye and I like to think/hope that I can pull magic out of my hat and decorate my home…. LOL… however I would like to find magazines or books that are really focused on 'beginner interior design'. There are so many on the market and when I thumb through so many at the book stores, I'm either overwhelmed by all of the varying information or I'm searching through the advertising to find an original article!

    Can you suggest what the best go-to magazine might be or the best DIY book with lots of great basic information.



  2. Centsational Girl on October 12, 2010 at 12:02 am

    So kind of you to mention my site Kimberley, I am so honored! Coming from you, it's just such an amazing compliment.

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