State Fair Etiquette

The State Fair is in town and while we are all looking forward to the guiltless tasting of our favorite fried foods and fitting snugly into the crowd of fellow Texans, we might, first, want to review a short list of manners that are often overlooked at such events. Having fun in the frenzy is important, however, the casual atmosphere tends to break down even our most basic and habitual manners. Here are a few simple reminders for how to keep our behavior appropriate and in- check before completely letting go.

What to wear:

-The State Fair is a place for casual attire but it is by no means an invitation to wear daisy- dukes and show more skin than you normally would. Stay cute and cool in a strappy sun dress and with the change in season it’s a perfect time to put the cardigan to good use. You might even want to throw on a pair of cowboy boots or a hat to represent the Lone Star State!

How to eat the finger foods:

-Most of the food choices will be finger foods so we don’t have to be afraid to eat without utensils. There are, however, guidelines that will help us to look neat and as polished as possible while we enjoy a corn dog or two! Be sure to grab a few extra napkins when you order your food. If you’re in a position to do so, place your napkin on your lap but if you’re standing (which will probably be more likely) then you can wrap the napkin in a cone shape around the stick of your corn dog and that will help to catch any fallen crumbs. Chew with your mouth closed, as you might remember your mother telling you. Then when you’re finished, the extra napkins will come in handy if any condiments have strayed during their journey from the corn dog into your tummy. And of course, they’re helpful in cleaning your hands of the greasy feeling that remains after indulging in any yummy treat. Remember to dispose of your garbage in the trash bin. I know it sounds obvious but in a rush or in the midst of a crowd something as easy as that can seem like such a chore!

Waiting patiently:

-Do your best to remember that everyone feels antsy while waiting in a line. There will be millions attending the State Fair so there are bound to be long lines. And lets be honest, not everyone has the patience of a saint but some of us can at least act like we do. So if you feel an elbow in your back and a stomp on your fragile little foot, instead of reacting, just let it go and keep your composure. The line will shorten and everyone will eventually reach the front, but if you make a fuss getting there, the end experience will not be as enjoyable.

Now we will be sure to remember our manners and to have consideration for everyone around us. That way we can all enjoy the fair as well as each others’ company! Hope to see you there!

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  1. Paige McDaniel on September 30, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Love this great advice! I have already been to the fair this year and luckily I did follow Kim's advice…

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