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If you are one of those people who leads a hectic lifestyle that includes needing to manage a family full of schedules, you are probably feeling the heat right about now!  School has started.  Homework is hectic.  Soccer Games, Ballet Class and Back to School Parties are all being juggled.    It is crazy hard to keep it all straight!  
Well….you are in luck because Dallasite Regen Fearon has developed a software that might just make you sane again!  No more placing your mobile phone down in the fridge while you reach in a rush for a juice box before school and not finding it again until dinner time (yes….I actually did that).  No more miscommunications with the hubby about who was scheduled to pick up your children from school.  This is the perfect calendar software for anyone on the go who needs to grab on to their last shred of sanity!
They have a wonderful video on their website, that explains many of the benefits of the software and they are giving free six-month subscriptions to our listeners and readers if you sign up for one month at $9.99. Simply use the code KIM06.  That is so nice!  
Want to hear something even nicer?  Founder, Regen Fearon, is personally willing to chat with any one of you who wants to know more about the software and how it can help you! She is happy to talk/email with any of you to help you set up PlumLife so it best fits your particular situation.  You can reach her by using the Give Feedback or Contact Us buttons on the site.

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  1. Lindsay on September 1, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    I really like this idea, as I'm always struggling to manage my family's multiple calendars. It doesn't say, so I assume it's an online tool. My Blackberry isn't very good at browsing, so I'll wait for an app or I switch to a more internet-friendly phone to check it out.

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