The Perfect Modern Picnic

Alright….admit it….you love the idea of a picnic.  I know that I do!  And, although we have had some rain, we have also had some absolutely gorgeous days that would make for the perfect picnic.  I love the picnic process.  Everything from picking out the menu to  packing everything up has a romance to it. The real problem comes with finding a picnic basket.  Not only are they expensive but they are also hard to find.  Well….now there is a fantastic solution:  The Boxsal!

I love everything about the Boxsal!  Not only is it green but it is also completely fun and, at $35, much less than any other picnic basket I have been able to find!  So here is the deal:  The Boxsal is a perfect alternative to the traditional wicker picnic basket.  It is made of recycled cardboard that is shaped almost like a briefcase.

It comes with a set of flatware, plates, napkins, cups and bowls for four that are completely recyclable or compostable!  It even comes with a compostable trash sac for the garbage you make!  Everything about the Boxsal is green right down to the instruction sheet that you can re-use as a grocery list on the back.

All you need to do is select from the three Boxsal options (Urban Picnic, Today’s Date or Office Escape), place your order, fill it with food and wine and set off for your perfect picnic.  I love the “color by numbers” Today’s Date Boxsal that comes with crayons.  It is perfect for a date picnic and comes complete with questions that can trigger fantastic get-to-know-you conversation on the side.

Now, before you head out on your picnic, you must check out Boxal’s blog for advice on what to wear, what to play, and what to do to perfect your picnic.  It is a fantastic resource for adding a little extra to your lunch.

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