Party in a box!

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I have searched far and wide and finally, I’ve found it! The simple solution to planning a well- decorated, last minute party is here and it can all be delivered to you in a box! Or actually, in an envrionmentally- sound bag…

The name of this social event saver is the ACME Party Box.

None of us ever plan to be unbelievably busy or painstakingly overwhelmed so anything that can ease our frantic nerves when organizing an event that is contingent on time, is a huge blessing! The ACME Party Box Company is a company that was thought up by two working moms who were always eager to host a good party. However, as they were two working moms, party planning wasn’t exactly a cake walk. Finding party goods at one location seemed like an impossibility so to help fellow party planners cut down on wasted time, Lisa and Cathy put all of the essentials and more into an eco- friendly, sophisticated and fun party kit!

They offer “grown- up” party boxes (at the top) as well as party boxes for kids (middle) that come in several different themes and multiple options for guest settings. Lisa and Cathy even give you a chance to customize your own Acme Party Box. These reusable party goods are completely affordable and totally chic, so really, what more could we ask for? A party favor? Oh wait…that’s already been included!

Take advantage of this wonderful find and be the first of your friends to use the ACME Party Box Company.

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