Making Memories with Sticky Bellies

I know what it’s like to go camera happy when your new born wears her first dress, or when he puts on a facial expression that resembles a smile, but how many photographs must you take before realizing the truth behind these snapshots? The constant documentation is taking away precious time that you could spend holding, caring for, or playing with your child. While I’m not suggesting that we do away with the camera completely, I do think that we should lessen the frequency that we take it out. Let us take the lens out from between our eyes and our infants and spend some quality time making memories until the real milestones approach. Here is a little incentive to start this movement!

A darling product that I came across and love, is Sticky Bellies. Sticky Bellies are these clever little stickers that look like fabric appliques. The stickers are numbered from month 1 through 12 and you can stick them on any piece of clothing then safely tear off, and dispose of them when you’re through!

The purpose of the Sticky Bellies is to enable you to photograph your baby once each month, then when your child turns one- year- old, you will have brilliant documentation of the growth that your baby experienced during his or her first year. What a great way to save your family’s memories with cute chronology! And at a price like $14.99, why not give them a try?

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