Have Some Fun with this Fall’s Fashion

With plenty of new looks on the runway this Fall, the infamous question resurfaces, “How can we transform runway looks into ready-to-wear?” Here is a look at my favorite new trends and how to wear them on the street!

You don’t have to be in the front row at Fashion Week to know that flowing feathers are the accent of choice this season. Open any fashion magazine and find feathers flying. They can whimsically float along lower hemlines or flock along collars for a more dramatic presence, but any way you wear them, do it with a confidence that says peacock rather than pigeon. If you don’t want to jump, but would rather ease yourself into the trend then try out an accessory like a single- feather necklace or an evening bag with feather trimmings.

A great trend for this coming season is the pops of color seen paired with classic silhouettes. This means that not all of our vibrant pieces need to be pushed to the back of the closet. Could it be, we’re able to save both time and money this season? Believe it! Because this season, saturated hues are going to allow us to stand out in autumn, wearing electric blues, pinks and purples, without looking like a walking faux pas. If this sounds too risky for your liking then accessorize with a vibrant handbag or an eye- popping set of heels.

Layers, layers, layers! Especially, with lacey garments. When I hear layering, immediately I think, BULK, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With thinner knits and lacey tops you can pile on clothing while keeping a feminine shape.

Every few seasons leopard print seems to make a blip on the trend radar but what really changes is how to wear it successfully. Animal prints can very easily fall face flat into fashion catastrophy but if you keep sophistication and class in mind, then your spots will steer clear of those horrible images that initially come to mind when a leopard print mini skirt is mentioned. Last Fall we saw tons of vintage inspired leopard print coats paired with cigarette jeans or a black pant. Isabel Marant showed a look that was both cool and chic on the runway (below), and although the chucky furry jackets were just right,then- now, we’re transitioning into a more flowly and feminine approach, and continue to accessorize accordingly with leopard print bags and belts.
I hope this helps with choosing your ensembles this fall. This season’s trends beg us to be daring so remember to have fun!

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