Hallo-teen Costumes

Halloween is generally a fun time for all of us! But after scanning the selection of Halloween costumes for teenage girls, I found that it’s nearly impossible to find an appropriate costume!  They seem to be too childish or simply too sexy. 

Jennifer, the mother to a 15 year old girl, wrote to me asking if I had any suggestions for her daughter’s Halloween costume. The costume should be something much less than revealing but at the same time will allow her to avoid looking like a child. Here are some solutions that I came up with:

-Check online websites. Although these costumes look a bit risque in the pictured examples, if you try a size larger than your usual fit then the ensemble will stay appropriate and cute!  You could also put black leggings or a tee shirt underneath them if they are too short or low cut. www.BuyCostumes.com has an entire section devoted to Teens!  I like this sailor costume!

-It is always fun to dress-up with a friend or a whole group of people. If you can’t find a costume in the store or online, think of a celebrity duo or the cast of your favorite show, then shop around and pull together your own costumes!

-Channel a fun-fashion era such as the 70’s or 80’s and find a costume using cool vintage finds.

-Humor is usually a good way to divert from all negativity. Be something silly or quirky and you’re bound to get tons of positive attention. I found one high school sophomore who was Abigail Breslin’s character from Little Miss Sunshine and another girl who was Madeline. These costume ideas were just so creative! Don’t they inspire you to think out-of-the-box? Dressing as something silly instead of sexy will also exemplify confidence. A girl who is comfortable in her own skin doesn’t need to be scantily clad to stand out!

-If you are crafty, check out Martha Stewart’s Halloween Special Edition Magazine.  She has costume ideas for a Jelly Fish, a Mummy and a Leafy Sea Creature that are great inspirations.
Family Fun’s Halloween Special Magazine also has great do-it-yourself ideas including an iPod Costume, a deck of cards costume or a spilt bowl of spaghetti.

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