A Gift that’s Perfectly Personalized with Congenial Charm

We all experience gifting slumps every once in a while. Sometimes when we need to find the perfect present to celebrate a close friend’s birthday or to congratulate a bride on her wedding day, we just can’t seem to find a gift that is unique or special enough for the occasion. Well I have found the most alluring gift that is the solution to this needless problem!

Kelly Wilson Antiques carries a beautiful collection of imported antique English china. Each piece is about 100 years old! And what is so uniquely charming about these pieces is the hand- drawn initial, which is done by Kelly on every dish, in decoupage. You have the choice of creating a custom made dish or you can choose a piece from a previously monogrammed selection. Monogrammed gifts are always a touch more thoughtful because of their personal characteristic. A few years ago I received one of Kelly’s beautiful pieces from my mother and I will treasure the gift for a lifetime. One more thing! The dishes are for decorative use only so if you are going to gift one to a friend, please keep this is mind.

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