Are you pants too long?

I love wearing jeans in the Fall but I hate that I need to pick my shoes around the length of my pants!  Sometimes I want to wear flats with my jeans and other times I want to wear a heel!  Well, HemGems has come to the rescue!  These fantastic button like studs can be attached to the hem of your jeans so that you can adjust the length as desired.  You can either cuff them, roll them under, or tuck them under so that you can keep that original hem.  There are great instructions on how to use HemGems on their website.    I am so excited because now I can wear my jeans with flats or heels and the bottoms won’t get frayed!  They come in a classic rivet or a pyramid style stud and both styles come in Silver or Gold. Each set of 8 is $19.99 which, if I am doing my math right, it less than what my tailor charges me to hem my jeans!  What a find!

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