National Garage Sale Day – August 14th

I am totally in a de-clutter, clean up and get organized stage.  It always seems to happen at the end of the summer right before the school year is about to start.  That is why I am so excited about National Garage Sale Day coming up on August 14th!
Here are a few tips for having a successful garage sale:

  • Check your local rules, restrictions and regulations for your neighborhood before you do anything else!
  • Advertise in your local paper, market it on the web and put up signage.  Don’t expect that people will find you without putting forth an effort.
  • Expect some early birds.  They know they will get the worm!  If you really don’t want anyone to show up early be sure to ad the phrase “No Early Birds” to your ads.
  • Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!  You won’t believe the stuff that will sell so, even you thought you should throw it away, stick it out there with a price tag and see what happens!
  • Make alternate arrangements for your pet on the day of your sale.  It can be stressful for a territorial dog to watch so many people on their lawn!
  • Thoroughly check every pocket or every clothing item, dig through bags and open every container before you stick it on a sale table.  You never know what you might uncover!  Double check that you have not left receipts with your personal information or a tiny treasure inside!
  • Women often complain that it is hard to get their husband to stop at a garage sale so stick the men’s things (lawn mowers, sports memorabilia, etc.) at the front of your sale!  That will get their attention.
  • If you are selling electronics, be sure to have an extension cord at the ready so that your shoppers can plug your items in to ensure that they work!

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