Looking Hot at the Hospital…yes…you read that right!

Looking “hot” at the hospital was not something I thought possible until I heard about Annie & Isabel’s chic hospital gowns.  Sisters Anna and Selena are both nurses and started making cute hospital gowns after learning that  inadequate, flimsy, worn, and stained hospital gowns are a major patient complaint!  Their “aha moment” came when one of the sisters was in labor and they remarked that it would be nice to have something beautiful to wear for such a joyous occasion.  Anna and Selena saw and opportunity to improve the hospital experiences of their patients by making them feel more comfortable and cute!
They called the company Annie & Isabel in honor of their great-grandmother, Annie, and their grandmother, Isabel.  As little girls, they dreamed of naming their own children after their grandmothers but, six boys later, they settled on honoring them through their work instead.
Not only are the gowns stylish but they also take care of the “draft situation” if you know what I mean!  Annie & Isabel gowns give some dignity and control back to the patients by keeping them covered in style.  
The gowns run $68 and make a fantastic shower gift or a great gift of encouragement for anyone you know who is suffering with an illness that requires time in the hospital.  Imagine what a new hospital gown could do for their morale!

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  1. Molly E. Nolan on August 11, 2010 at 2:13 am

    I am SO glad to know about this!! I had to have a procedure done last week and was just thinking "I should come up with a cute hospital gown" I have thought about it for some time. What inspiration!

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