Locker Looks

One of the things I always looked forward to was when summer was ending and school was starting up again was the chance to decorate and organize my locker!  There is something so exciting about dressing up the metal box assigned only to me!  Here are few tips for keeping your locker looking good:

  • Stackable shelves are a must.  They are the perfect starting point when trying to figure out how to organize your locker.  Check out the Container Store’s wonderful options in fun colors and various sizes. 
  • Magnetic cork boards, pencil holders, hooks and memo cups will help make the most of the sides and the doors on your locker!
  • This year in home design, wall paper is big trend.  The same is true of locker walls!  You can purchase “locker wallpaper” at the container store or you can select a favorite wrapping paper or drawer liner to place around your locker walls.  If you don’t want to paper the entire thing, just cover the inside of the door in a cheery print that will brighten your school day.
  • Old shoe boxes covered in pretty paper or fabric are great for storing extra school supplies or snacks.
  • If you will be keeping your gym clothes in your locker, think about adding an odor eater or air freshener to your locker to keep it from getting stinky.  

I would love to see pictures of your decorated and organized lockers!  Send a photo to

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