Flower School

I had such a great time fulfilling my dream of going to Flower School Catherine Mueller in Paris this summer.  It was incredible and I am so thrilled that my amazing sister, Krystal, was able to join me!  We were also so happy to have our friends, Joyce Goss and her daughter Greer and Nancy Gonzalez there!  
Every day we learned several new floral arrangements and each one got more and more exciting.

One of my completed bouquets!  Lots of Ivy, Hydrangeas, English Garden Roses , Callas Lilies, and Orchids were used
Krystal and I on day two of class with our sweet heart arrangements.  We had so much fun working with our pink flowers and oasis to make a heart that had depth!
Our wonderful teacher, Catherine Mueller, working her magic on our first bouquet.  She was teaching us the spiral technique and we were all trying to embrace the Parisian trend of having a round bouquet with a flat top instead of a domed top!
Krystal and Nancy with their first white bouquets.  They both did a fantastic job!  We used White Peonies, White Hydrangea, Lilies, and Ivy for this arrangement.
At the Flower Market in Paris.  Most visitors are not allowed in unless they are a professional florist but Catherine made special arrangements for our class to visit.
With Krystal at the Flower Market.  I will never forget our visit there!  I didn’t know that if you touch it, you buy it so I made a vendor a bit upset!
Our class at graduation.  I want to go back for another week soon!  Many of the students were taking the course for an entire year!

Our graduation diplomas and macaroons from Angelina.  They were so delicious!  I had a pistachio one first and a raspberry one for “dessert”!

If you are interested in taking flower courses, you could go to Paris or you could stay right at home!  Check out these local courses:
Bows and Arrows co-owner Alicia Rico was once a stylist for Martha Stewart Weddings!  She leads two hour evening classes that start at $100.  214-828-2697
Dr. Delphinium’s Bryna Morrow teaches floral mechanics and techniques.  Classes start at $150.  214-525-1202
-If you have plans to become a pro check out Brookhaven College’s continuing education program.  Call 972-860-4700.

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  1. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) on August 19, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Oh my, what a thrill and it sounds like such fun. Love all the pics. Hugs, Marty

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