Tips for Bridal Registries

My sister just got engaged!  We are so excited and there has been a lot of wedding talk!
Kari was asking me a million etiquette questions about her Bridal Registry so I was inspired to put together a few tips:

  • Once you are engaged, it is never too soon to register!  Many people like to send a gift when they learn of the engagement and others like to purchase your shower gifts from your registry.
  • Before you go to register, take a look at the items you already have and that your future spouse already has.  In many cases, you will already have certain items that you can continue to use.  If you both have good working toasters, there is no need to register for another one.  Instead, select something off the beaten path like a waffle maker!
  • Take your future spouse with you to register but be sure to discuss your tastes and desires before you shop.  Ladies:  Be sure to schedule this on a day that does not a major sporting event on the television!  You will absolutely not have your future hubby’s full attention. 
  • Be sure to register for more than you really need in a large variety of price points.  Make a real effort to include many affordable items on the registry.
  • My sisters was really stressed out about having a registry at more than one place.  I think it is important to have more than one registry as your guests may not have access to that store or they may not like shopping there.  Register at at least two places but no more than four.
  • Do some homework on the stores that offer registries.  Most of them will let you return or exchange anything that did not turn out as you expected but be sure to ask about their policies. Many will also give you a discount when you purchase the remaining items that were not given to you as gifts.  For example, if you got ten of your plates but needed twelve, they will offer you a discount to purchase them!
  • My Wedding Workbook: A Time Saving Guide for the Busy Bride has a section that is all about your bridal registry.  I hope it helps!


  1. Bella on July 21, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    I totally agree with your advice about Kari's registry! I just got engaged 6 weeks ago,but I created my registry right away on Over the next 15 months until my wedding, I also plan on having an engagement party and bridal shower. With my, I can use my wish list for all 3 occasions and update my registry as needed for each event.

  2. Hana on July 24, 2010 at 2:19 am

    Great tips… a lot of people think the registry is a bride / mom affair but the groom totally needs to be involved. And good call on the sporting event. Try – guys seem to get more involved when they can register for anything (not limited to plates!) and can do it online!

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