Taking Great Vacation Photos

I treasure photos taking on our vacations.  They are the lasting memories of wonderful adventures!
Here are a few tips to help us all take better photos while on our summer travels.

There are a few steps that you need to tackle before you go:

  • If you have a new camera, make sure you know how to operate it and practice with it by taking a lot of test shots.  
  • Make sure you have a proper travel bag or protection for it.
  • Purchase extra batteries and memory cards and pack them in your camera bag.  You will not want to spend your vacation time looking for camera equipment!

Here are few tips for great vacation photos:

  • Pay attention to the entire frame.  Zoom in as close as you can to your subject and make sure there are not any unsightly distractions around the edges of the frame.
  • Be sure to take both horizontal and vertical images.  Variety will make your photo albums more interesting.
  • A professional photographer once told me that if you breath in while pressing the shutter button your photos will be less blurry!
  • The sun should be at your back when taking a photo.  We took a lot of photos last week with the sun behind our subjects and when we looked at them, the people looked like black silhouettes!  
  • Outdoor shots are best when it is cloudy or a bit overcast!  
  • Take lots and lots and lots of photos!  I have a two year old so we need to take 20 shots to get one good one!  

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